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More news on Project Joan

First, we're extending our beta program registration. Got 50-70 more slots in addition to a few hundred that have already signed up. In order for us to be able to send a beta to you, you'll need to register your device on TestFlight by logging into your account from your device. Only requests from users with at least one device registered will be approved. The new registration will be closed when we'll have somewhat about 70 new devices registered. Sign up here.

Second, we are now close to sending out a new beta build to all beta program members. Still no UI, but more like a game now. You'll be able to run and gun trough about 10 new locations, 27 sections each (randomly selected from ~100 sections per location). Still without bosses. And after it we'll have more time to continue programming of weapons left to program and the game UI.

When you'll get new beta. We'll really appreciate your opinion on levels and how you like it overall. Because, levels will be a bit more harder, then in the current beta, you have already played.

And, the third:

It's confirmed, the game will definitely be premium with no IAP - so, don't get scared too much about in game coins, when you look through screenshots.

Now, all the new screenshots (all are clickable):


1. Death.

Probably the most beautiful screen from the tonight update. Upon death you'll be able to either resurrect or fly a bit further as a death spirit collecting blood and souls of enemies with the effect like the Satanic Gun, we wrote earlier about, has. On the background you may find one of bosses.

2. Some secret level.

On secret levels, beyond usual three platforms, you'll be able to find some unique items, like, for example, color crystals for your plasma sword, and much more.

3. Mission accomplished screen + double kill combo + mission log screen.

4. Plasma sword color crystals upgrade.

You'll be able to change color of your plasma sword blade by using color crystals found on secret levels.

5. The upgrade and etc menu.

6. Powerups. (read descriptions on the screenshot)

7. Some utility items. (read descriptions on the screenshot)

8. That's how a bloodlust powerup is to look like:

9. One of bosses, the tank: fight + animation.

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