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More Project Joan a.k.a. Joan Mad Run Screenshots

So, since the last beta we did quite much of things.

Implemented some new weapons like Satanic Gun and more. Yet most of our work was about optimization and bug fixing. So, we decided to postpone a next beta roll out for a week or two, until we will put more content into the beta to make it look more like a game with levels, some UI and so on.

Tonight I'm posting more screenshots on weapons.

And not to let you get bored, tonight we are rolling out a beta build for our another game, Little Boat River Rush, for all our beta program participants - hope you will like it.

So, the screenshots:

1) Imp gun

A powerful speel based weapon, creates a black hole into a dark world of death, that pulls sould and blood our of enemies.

2) Satanic gun

An upgraded version of Imp gun where the black hole into the dark dimension is shot to fly and clean up the level in front of Joan.

3) Acid gun

Strikes with acid that melts enemies, or, upgraded spawns a bunch of headcrabs, that spit acid all over the level.

4) Microwave gun

5) Mono-molecular lash (and net as an upgrade)

6) Circular saw (upgraded strikes with circular saw disks)

7) Lightning cannon

Tazes enemies with chain lightning, or when upgraded can send a ball lightning to clean up the level before Joan.

And one more thing, lightsaber.

Works same as katana, but is better. Deflects bullets. Lightsaber throw as an update.

And a few more tonight:

1) Resizer & Reducer

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