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happymagenta's Journal
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Thursday, October 24th, 2013
4:07 am
Gameplay footage of upcoming beta 3 of Project Joan
The demo movie:
- a more structured and prolonged weapon use, so you can see with some more details
- a bloodlust power-up demo added
- a 5x simultanous kill using laser flare
- a katana slicing
- fixed sounds to be less annoying (turned off Joan sighs sounds)

Monday, September 30th, 2013
11:05 pm
More news on Project Joan
First, we're extending our beta program registration. Got 50-70 more slots in addition to a few hundred that have already signed up. In order for us to be able to send a beta to you, you'll need to register your device on TestFlight by logging into your account from your device. Only requests from users with at least one device registered will be approved. The new registration will be closed when we'll have somewhat about 70 new devices registered. Sign up here.

Second, we are now close to sending out a new beta build to all beta program members. Still no UI, but more like a game now. You'll be able to run and gun trough about 10 new locations, 27 sections each (randomly selected from ~100 sections per location). Still without bosses. And after it we'll have more time to continue programming of weapons left to program and the game UI.

When you'll get new beta. We'll really appreciate your opinion on levels and how you like it overall. Because, levels will be a bit more harder, then in the current beta, you have already played.

And, the third:

It's confirmed, the game will definitely be premium with no IAP - so, don't get scared too much about in game coins, when you look through screenshots.

Now, all the new screenshots (all are clickable):


1. Death.

Probably the most beautiful screen from the tonight update. Upon death you'll be able to either resurrect or fly a bit further as a death spirit collecting blood and souls of enemies with the effect like the Satanic Gun, we wrote earlier about, has. On the background you may find one of bosses.

2. Some secret level.

On secret levels, beyond usual three platforms, you'll be able to find some unique items, like, for example, color crystals for your plasma sword, and much more.

3. Mission accomplished screen + double kill combo + mission log screen.

4. Plasma sword color crystals upgrade.

You'll be able to change color of your plasma sword blade by using color crystals found on secret levels.

5. The upgrade and etc menu.

6. Powerups. (read descriptions on the screenshot)

7. Some utility items. (read descriptions on the screenshot)

8. That's how a bloodlust powerup is to look like:

9. One of bosses, the tank: fight + animation.

Monday, September 9th, 2013
3:52 am
Introducing Little Boat River Rush
Happymagenta is here with our new game – Little Boat River Rush.

The game is now almost done and is being localized to 8 more additional languages, so will be available soon, although we don't know exact the release date yet.

River Rush is a skill-based runner or more specifically - boat rider. There are 2 modes: championship, that has more than 100 missions and over 300 map variations, and training tour with 9 training levels. It won't use pay to win model.

Use the left-right arrow buttons to steer the boat. Learn to maneuver among multiple obstacles, do stunts in the air with a swipe, slide on the rail, ride under really narrow bridges and much more!

The game will support iOS 7 game controller API, iCade, Bladepad and more.

Let us know what you think :-)

All, who is on our beta testers list on TestFlight will receive the beta build later tonight. Additional beta testers are welcome. Sign up for beta here.
3:50 am
More Project Joan a.k.a. Joan Mad Run Screenshots
So, since the last beta we did quite much of things.

Implemented some new weapons like Satanic Gun and more. Yet most of our work was about optimization and bug fixing. So, we decided to postpone a next beta roll out for a week or two, until we will put more content into the beta to make it look more like a game with levels, some UI and so on.

Tonight I'm posting more screenshots on weapons.

And not to let you get bored, tonight we are rolling out a beta build for our another game, Little Boat River Rush, for all our beta program participants - hope you will like it.

So, the screenshots:

1) Imp gun

A powerful speel based weapon, creates a black hole into a dark world of death, that pulls sould and blood our of enemies.

2) Satanic gun

An upgraded version of Imp gun where the black hole into the dark dimension is shot to fly and clean up the level in front of Joan.

3) Acid gun

Strikes with acid that melts enemies, or, upgraded spawns a bunch of headcrabs, that spit acid all over the level.

4) Microwave gun

5) Mono-molecular lash (and net as an upgrade)

6) Circular saw (upgraded strikes with circular saw disks)

7) Lightning cannon

Tazes enemies with chain lightning, or when upgraded can send a ball lightning to clean up the level before Joan.

And one more thing, lightsaber.

Works same as katana, but is better. Deflects bullets. Lightsaber throw as an update.

And a few more tonight:

1) Resizer & Reducer

Saturday, August 17th, 2013
1:45 am
A little bit more weapons :)
Knife elegantly kills.

Katana cuts into several pieces.

Pistol - most simple weapon, might require several shots to kill.

Golden pistol, upgrade - kills tough enemies faster due to more rapid fire.

Shotgun may kill several enemies – explodes enemies on close shot.

10 gauge shotgun shrapnel spreads to a wider area.

AK-47 is AK-47.

AK-47 upgraded with a grenade launcher does cruel things.

Laser cuts everything on a path of its ray.

Extremely evil laser flare imminently moves trough all levels splitting all enemies apart.

Freezer makes enemies to break apart like a glass as soon as they become zero cool ice.

Freezing grenade freezes all in its area of effect, including traps and environment.

Saturday, August 10th, 2013
12:16 am
A bit more blood and cruel weapons
A bit longer video with Joan first beta gameplay, that I managed to get my hands on tonight.

Shows pistol, freezing gun with freezing grenade, AK-47 with grenade launcher, laser cannon with laser vertical laser flare and a little bit of shotgun fire.

Alternative gun shots are mostly AOE (area of effect) that affect multiple enemies.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013
3:55 am
Joan beta info and etc.
First of all I’d like to express lots of thanks to all beta participants, especially to those who shared their impressions, thoughts and suggestions with us already. Dear God, we just showcased a few screenshots and a very limited in terms on content beta – we didn’t expect such an “OMG” style feedback, although, of course, were hoping for it. A million thanks for your warm opinions that motivate us and lift the spirit of our team in a whole and each of us to the skies.

Next million of thanks go to Jared Nelson for mentioning our upcoming game on TA – an unexpected, yet, in the same time, a very pleasant surprise for us.

Now, I’ll take an opportunity to answer in one place all questions we received from beta program members and other sources and to tell you more about the game.

Q: What is the release date?

The second half of September 2013 seems quite realistic.

Q: Premium or Freemium?

We want it to be a Premium. We plan to publish it by ourselves. Things may change in case there will be a publisher that will make us a proposal we won’t be able to resist, yet in this case we’ll try to convince the publisher not to force us into Freemium model.

Q: Will it be on iPad, other devices?

As you might already notice the beta is universal – iPod touch 4 is also among our testing devices.

Q: Will it be a straight runner (like Jetpack Joyride) or something different?

Those who played the beta might see that it is already something more – it’s not a single tap game, it uses additional, yet very intuitive gestures to jump, switch weapons, to fire primary and secondary or alternate shots. You will have to help Joan traverse through at least a dozen of levels, including secret ones to know the truth what it’s all about – the secret we’ll keep till someone playing the game will find it out through a normal gameplay.

Q: Will there be more content (locations, traps, bosses, weapons, etc.)?


We already have drawn graphics and concepts for at least a dozen different locations, levels. There will be plenty of different traps, some of which will require a creative use of some particular weapons to pass. The game poster in the main post might give you an idea about some bosses – so, prepare for boss fights.

We somewhat focus on weapons and many different weird things they can do to mobs – in addition to what you might see in the beta already something starting from mass microwave and ending with local singularity and soul pulling cannon.

Q: Will there be character customization?

What do you mean under character customization? Weapon and gear upgrades that affect gameplay? Changing hair and skin tones?

Q: What titles inspired your game (Painkiller and etc.)?

Most of our team members are passionate, hardcore gamers. We play games since 80s of last century – most of major and not that so major titles, on lots of platforms. So, when it’s deep in your blood it’s hard to say what exactly inspires you – I’d say, everything.

QQQ: Various questions and concerns about the current beta build.

In the first early beta build we were focusing on weapons and weapon effects and the weird things it does to mobs, e.g. one of the most fun parts. Much stuff like level editing, score and coin counting was left for later, as in our game engine we can do it easily. You might notice that some stuff works partially, like the freezing grenade that freezes environment applies visual effects only to mobs.

The starting running speed in the beta was slowed down in comparison to our internal concept, may be a little bit too much slowed down. This was done on purpose, because otherwise it would only allow significantly shorter game runs. The speed grows over time and this is a parameter to be tuned in the final release and future beta builds.

Because of the lowered initial speed jumping over gaps in levels might be tough until you just run enough time for the speed to accelerate – the workaround is to use a slightly longer swipe gesture to jump higher.

If you are dying too quickly in this beta – there is a solution here for you. Try using different weapons and fire alternative secondary shots. We won’t be making a detailed tutorial until the game is complete, yet the “How to play” button should give you the clues.

Yes, weapons are a bit imbalanced in the beta. Some are a way too powerful and all have infinite ammo. Well, that’s a special weapon focused beta, isn’t it? So, you can get a taste of some cool weapons you’ll need to play the game for some time to get in the final release :) Some weapons already have cooldown timers, but they aren’t yet displayed in the health and ammo bar.

And probably not a good news now – this beta build has only one location. Running through it you won’t be able to advance to new places as it cycles through about a two dozens of the first location sections. More locations will be added to the final game. We already drawn all graphics – you can have a look into the main post for composite location screenshots. New locations will be added to upcoming beta builds as well.

So, our development roadmap is:
- more weapons and weapon effects (all initially planned)
- dynamic lighting effects
- more gore, more blood and more overall environment effects
- final balance and level design
- more content if we have more time

Next, to give you more info on the game and because we have already drawn almost all graphic content we wanted in the launch release, we will be preparing specially composed animations and videos of different weapons and weapon effects, even before they are getting fully programmed. That is probably what you’ll see till the end of August. We’ll post screenshots and videos as soon as they are ready.

“One more thing”

There will be in game promo codes for us to be able to award players with in game content, including unique items, weapons and etc.

Joan will fully support AirPlay and TV Out with any cable type – it will be done right, not just simple mirroring (as in our Pilot’s Path).

Will also support iCade, Bladepad and iOS 7 compatible game controllers – you’ll be able to use a second iOS device as a wireless controller as well.

P.S. The public beta signup is closed, but if you want to participate, just drop me a mail to the email mentioned above or PM via forum.

P.P.S. More questions, suggestions? In the meanwhile we would love to hear more feedback from you, what would help us make the game more fun your way. Just tell us.
Monday, August 5th, 2013
3:56 am
3:49 am
3:47 am
More Joan screenshots
Genetic Research Center location (yes, with one of bosses):

One of outside locations:

One of office building locations:

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
1:28 pm
Joan avatar map
It took us some time to find what would be the most fun way to show the current health for Joan – we went through a whole bunch of options starting from health bars to a bar of hearts.

Later we decided to use an avatar displaying how our Joan feels, like you know from where.

In addition to health level it shows whether Joan is using a power up or ability, ammo levels and cool down times for both the primary and the secondary weapon shots.

On the animated pic below Joan starts fully healthy, takes the Bloodlust power up and then receives some damage until she dies, occasionally.

I really hope you like it as mush as we do

Click the pic to see the actual pixels.

And here also comes the full avatar map with all health levels and power ups.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
3:20 pm
Project "Joan" – bloody indie scroll shooter for pixel lovers
Hey there! We, Happymagenta team, are excited to share a new game we're working on right now – Project "Joan" (a working title)

Click the pic to see the actual pixels.

Here's a short intro:

What will you do if one day you open your eyes and see that you are locked in a jail ward? Your memory is completely blank. You are stranded and lost. But deep inside you know that to find out the truth you have to get out! Even if the only chance to do that is to destroy everything on your way!

We have much more to show you! Stay with us and we'll open new details each week!

P.S. Your opinion is crucial for us, so please share what you think and ask questions in the comments below.

P.P.S. Beta testers are heartly welcome.
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