happymagenta (happymagenta) wrote,

Introducing Little Boat River Rush

Happymagenta is here with our new game – Little Boat River Rush.

The game is now almost done and is being localized to 8 more additional languages, so will be available soon, although we don't know exact the release date yet.

River Rush is a skill-based runner or more specifically - boat rider. There are 2 modes: championship, that has more than 100 missions and over 300 map variations, and training tour with 9 training levels. It won't use pay to win model.

Use the left-right arrow buttons to steer the boat. Learn to maneuver among multiple obstacles, do stunts in the air with a swipe, slide on the rail, ride under really narrow bridges and much more!

The game will support iOS 7 game controller API, iCade, Bladepad and more.

Let us know what you think :-)

All, who is on our beta testers list on TestFlight will receive the beta build later tonight. Additional beta testers are welcome. Sign up for beta here.
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