happymagenta (happymagenta) wrote,

A little bit more weapons :)

Knife elegantly kills.

Katana cuts into several pieces.

Pistol - most simple weapon, might require several shots to kill.

Golden pistol, upgrade - kills tough enemies faster due to more rapid fire.

Shotgun may kill several enemies – explodes enemies on close shot.

10 gauge shotgun shrapnel spreads to a wider area.

AK-47 is AK-47.

AK-47 upgraded with a grenade launcher does cruel things.

Laser cuts everything on a path of its ray.

Extremely evil laser flare imminently moves trough all levels splitting all enemies apart.

Freezer makes enemies to break apart like a glass as soon as they become zero cool ice.

Freezing grenade freezes all in its area of effect, including traps and environment.

Tags: happymagenta, joan, mad, project, run, screenshot, screenshots, weapons
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